Gin Rumy

When you're looking for a change of pace from the usual casino game you play, think about Gin Rummy. Gin Rummy is a very sociable game with very easy rules. While in the past, you definitely wouldn't have seen it in the list of the most popular online casino games, its popularity is definitely spreading, and you can find it at more and more online casinos, especially JackpotCity.

The object of Gin Rummy is actually very simple. The point of the game is to score more points than your partner. Both the player and the opponent are dealt ten cards each with the twenty first card turned face up. After the end of each deal, players are required to form groups of sequential numbered cards of the same suit, for instance a 4,5, and 6 of spades, or groups of the same number, for example, three queens. The name of the groups is melds. The game play then proceeds with players taking cards off the deck, making melds out of their hands, and discarding or eliminating single cards. The single cards eliminated are actually called deadwood. Aces in gin rummy are always low, and face cards count as 10 points. You can play gin rummy at many other online casinos.

This is how game play proceeds:

  • The player draws the top card from the discard pile, or the tap card from the deck
  • The player discards one card from their hand into the discard pile
  • "knock" ends the round

Knocking is when a player lays down all of his melds onto the table, and then discards his final card. Once a player has done this, "knocked", his opponent's cards points are totaled, and then counted against him. Start playing Gin Rummy now at Aladin's Gold Casino.

There are several variations of the traditional gin rummy in existence today. The two most popular variations are the standard and the Oklahoma versions of fin rummy. With the standard variation, the player must cut their deadwood cards down to less than ten points before they can knock. With the Oklahoma version, a player can only knock when players have deadwood cards less than the value of the first card which was shown after the deal.

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